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Images of carpentry Eurotest in the new operational
Eurotest Srl has been operating for over 20 years in the construction industry and in particular in the production of works of carpentry and manufactures metal structures , architectural structures , platforms , safety barriers , gates, windows and doors , roofing for sheds , porches , stairs and canopies , starting from the interior design to the finished product in CAD, assembled and tested . We are also specialized in projects for test benches for testing of industrial valves, hydraulic presses and construction of facilities dedicated to renewable energies, such as support structures for photovoltaics , metal structures for biogas plant or machinery for the blending , reclamation or shreds of paper or plastic for the recovery and recycling of raw materials.
The quality of the accomplishments of our works , the ability to listen to customer needs and the speed of delivery of the work , ( from design to installation ) , have contributed to our strengths .
We also characterize the commitment and accuracy that are dedicated to large orders rather than the creation of works of small / medium size .
We made metal structural parts in major works such as various Autogrill in Italy, the Virgin Active Gym in Milan , the Outlet of VicoLungo in Novara , some Penny Market in Milan, Ikea furniture store and many others.
We are a small company in our industry, but we have the knowledge and the experience to guarantee our work.
Visit our gallery to get an idea of our work.

Executive director Eurotest Srl - Iames GAIBOTTI

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Eurotest srl at Comun Nuovo (BG)

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Eurotest srl at Comun Nuovo (BG)

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valve test bench -carpenteria in ferro
valve test bench -carpenteria in ferro
valve test bench -carpenteria in ferro
valve test bench -carpenteria in ferro
valve test bench -carpenteria in ferro
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